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Art and Interior Design

Every artist knows they have a particular atmosphere in which they feel the creative juices flow most freely. Where is yours? Sitting on a rooftop deck enveloped in the warm sultry breeze that languidly floats through New Orleans? Quietly contemplating the beautiful landscape and unique sculptures as you watch fellow artists walk by? A community room to use as a meeting place, a gallery space, a place to rehearse, or even just to kick back, relax, and bask in the satisfaction of a good day’s work at your passion? Practicing for free in a music rehearsal room that provides comfort and convenience, wireless internet, and all the hook-ups? Relaxing with good friends in the landscaped rear courtyard, juicy BBQ smoking on the grill, as the stars align to spark a fresh idea? Or simply working in your own beautiful space that is not just a loft, but a home in which to focus on your art, your life? Blue Plate Artist Lofts provide all of this and more at the touch of your fingertips.
Your art will come out wherever you are because your art is who you are. It’s in your heart, your mind, your soul. Imagine adding to that a living space that will foster your creativity even further. Reside among like-minded, creative individuals and feel the energy throughout the building. Passion. Inspiration. Innovation. It all lives here.
Your uniqueness and authenticity will be reflected within the confines of your own space. Expand your definition of art,live inside it. All artists are welcome, and you will find myriad accommodations to perfectly suit your style. In a city rife with cultural and creative history, enjoy the artistic haven Blue Plate Artist Lofts provides to carve out your corner of the art world.
New Orleans has a pulse. It beats a bit faster than the rest. The atmosphere at Blue Plate Artist Lofts reflects this. Come. See for yourself.

Interior Design Elements

Eclectic Home is committed to delivering design concepts that are timeless yet innovative. We believe good design knows no time period and great interiors look as though they have evolved over time. Eclectic Home’s team is passionate about finding the right mix to positively impact the mood and emotional climate of a space. Eclectic Home is truly its name sake–elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles.
We approached the Blue Plate Artist Lofts project with admiration and appreciation for the Art Moderne Architecture. The selection of furnishings was directed towards mid-century modern pieces with unexpected accents. Clean lined furnishings and multiple finishes have been implemented to add contrast, texture, and interest.
We salvaged a factory fan from the property before construction and repurposed the fan into an amazing floor lamp that will be featured in the model apartment. The original, significant Blue Plate letters from the roof are now wall art at the rear of the building, and letters from the smaller fin signage have been installed as art in the interior lightwell space.
A collage of vintage and pre-construction photographs was used to create a custom black and white wall in the lobby. This, along with a display of salvaged factory signs and lab memorabilia, provide a snapshot of the building and its history.
We commissioned local artist Barbra LeBlanc to create benches for the interior corridors. The benches are painted with poetry about or referencing New Orleans from nine local poets to provide both function and flair.
In designing the bike racks, we wanted something unique and suitable to the building. The custom racks incorporate the letters “B” and “P”, paying homage to the building’s name.
Local artist Steve Martin was commissioned to create metal and wire wall sculptures. The three-dimensional works add color and movement to the spaces. We manipulated some of the vintage photographs onto brushed aluminum and white aluminum panels that will be installed throughout the building. This seamlessly combines the industrial feel with an artistic representation that perfectly complements the factory-turned-artist lofts.